The use of tried-and-true solutions leads to traditional high quality and solid craftsmanship. This also applies to genuine, natural materials, giving us the assurance of no ugly surprises, even after many years of use.

Zbliżenie na przeszycie na białej skórze taboretu Borsa z oferty Kler
Dwa taborety Borsa z oferty marki Kler w czarnej i białej skórze

A low-profile stool in the shape of an upturned bucket; additional seating space for the living room or bedroom, a very handy addition to any wardrobe. Borsa comes with a decorative strap-handle, useful when moving it around. Can be upholstered with fabric or leather (contrasting materials look particularly good here).

Mężczyzna siedzący na białym taborecie Borsa z oferty Kler
  • Taboret Borsa z oferty Kler na szarej podłodze

I know how to make good furniture. To understand what that means, you need to see it, touch it, sit on it. Nearly 50 years of experience, of uncompromising adherence to the rules and being engaged in my work – it all has its value.

P. Kler
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