Bookcase for the living room serving purely decorative functions. Its form contrasts that of a traditional bookcase. Open on all sides, constructed of straight metal bars arranged asymmetrically and in varying rhythms. Vertical bars carry horizontal shelves, arranged with fantasy, of different lengths and at different heights. A piece of furniture designed for souvenirs, trinkets, ornamental figures and dishes.


The slim steel bars (2 x 2 cm) can be gold or black. The platform and shelves – either finished with a natural veneer (e.g. American walnut) or enamel (several colours, each in a gloss or matt version). An adjustment built into the platform ensures perfect levelling. The rack can also have a backlight (optional): four LEDs in the corners of the platform, lit upwards and creating a pleasant surrounding atmosphere.

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I have been making good furniture for nearly 50 years. Each piece carries within it what really matters. Experience, knowledge and superior craftsmanship. As well as my uncompromising devotion to my work.

P. Kler
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I have been making good furniture for nearly 50 years.