Restful, relaxing, carefree and comfortable. This model achieves all this with surprising ease. Based on a strong, rigid platform it features wide seat cushions, rhythmically arranged one after another. Behind them, the perpendicular backrest supports high, obliquely inclined cushions. Simple and convincing. The seat cushions and backrests are edged with decorative piping in the colour of your choice, plus a wide selection of other options and conveniences - all to create that true relaxation centre.


A lounge suite comprising 3-seater sofas and a footrest • Modules arranged in longitudinal or corner configurations • Module with an extended seat (chaise longue) allowing one to comfortably straighten one’s legs • Corner module with a terminal • Corner module with a shelf made of sintered ceramic • Corner module finished with a drawer with a push-pull system and silent closing • Optionally: in the drawer you can choose an adjustable LED lamp, a power panel with a USB socket and an induction charger or two stainless steel containers • Asymmetric module with a terminal that allows you to configure the corner at an angle of 135° • Possibility to choose the colour of the decorative trim on the edges of the seat and backrest cushions • A wide range of upholstery fabrics, each available in many colours • Possibility to choose between two armrest variants: rectangular or roller • Metal legs, powder coated; two shapes to choose between.


Timeless quality and modern trends live in symbiosis. The form – and emotion, are both its draw and attraction. Precision craftsmanship – and the profound feeling of satisfaction. Combining the ephemeral with the everlasting is an art in and of itself.

P. Kler
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Timeless quality and modern fashion interweave.