Cabinets, slightly lower RTV cabinets and higher cabinets. Their shapes - radical, drawn using only a line and a right angle - are simple yet glamorous. This is all thanks to the decorative fronts covered with a dense floral ornament or sheets of creased silver that can also vividly contrast with a flat surface covered with natural veneer (15 finishes in total).

The bodies - smooth, varnished with a matte lacquer (9 colours) - are the background for the excellent, decorative fronts. The details draw attention: the side edges of the fronts are overlaid with an elegant aluminium profile and the bottom of the drawers and the inside surfaces of the doors are padded with soft artificial leather.

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Everyone’s needs are different. The craft of upholstery is about choosing the right furniture for the right person.

P. Kler
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Everyone’s needs are different.