Intriguing, truly modern furniture with a design that combines two opposing qualities: simplicity and decorativeness. A simple frame made of a few metal rods carries a massive chest with smooth walls and a very decorative front. It is made of a thick board milled with a uniform pattern – a highly rhythmic crystal cut, which evokes a lively play of light and shadow on the surface.


The collection includes several solids, including closed chests of drawers (with doors, drawers), an RTV chest of drawers (open shelf in the centre and drawers on the sides), as well as a bar (with glass hangers and shelves for wine bottles inside and a mirror on the back). With the exception of the bar, the metal feet on the outside of the units (black or gold) can be replaced by slim-edge or polycarbonate bases. The fronts and bodies are painted in matt or high-gloss; a bedside table is also included in the set.

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Timeless quality and modern fashion interweave. Combining the ephemeral with the everlasting is an art in and of itself.

P. Kler
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Timeless quality and modern fashion interweave.