Łukasz Mikołajczyk

This disc contains several compositions created by Fryderyk Chopin and performed by Łukasz Mikolajczyk, a 22-year-old Polish pianist.

Płyta wydana staraniem Fundacji Piotra Klera.

The disc contains the following works:

Fryderyk Chopin:

01 Polonaise in A flat major Op.53.mp3


02 Barcarolle in F sharp major Op.60.mp3


03 Mazurka in G major Op.50 no.1.mp3


04 Mazurka in A flat major Op.50 no.2.mp3


05 Mazurka in C sharp minor Op.50 no.3.mp3


06 Prelude in D flat major Op.28 no.15.mp3


07 Grande Valse Brillante Op.34 no.1.mp3


08 Grande Valse Brillante Op.34 no.2.mp3


09 Grande Valse Brillante Op.34 no.3.mp3


11 Prelude in C sharp minor Op. 45.mp3


12 Scherzo in E major Op.54.mp3


A real surprise of the 17th International Frederic Chopin Competition in Warsaw, as well as one of the leading pianists of the younger generation. His numerous achievements have garnered him many awards at prestigious competitions and festivals. At the moment he is studying at the Vancouver Academy of Music in Canada under the tutelage of Professor Lee Kum Sing.

He graduated with distinction from the Karol Szymanowski Secondary Music School in Katowice, where he attended Professor Anna Górecka’s piano class. He continued developing his skills at the K. Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, where he was taught by Professor Zbigniew Raubo.

Łukasz Mikołajczyk is the laureate of state-level and international piano competitions: 1st place and the Special Award of Prof. Elżbieta Stefańska for the best performance of a work by Johann Sebastian Bach at the 10th Ludwik Stefański and Halina Czerny-Stefańska Piano Competition in Płock (2008), 2nd place at the 16th Polish Piano Competition in Konin (2010), 3rd place at the International Podkarpacie Chopin Competition in Rzeszów (2010), 3rd place at the Polish Frederic Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (2013), 5th place at the 10th “Arthur Rubinstein in memoriam” International Young Pianist Competition in Bydgoszcz (2014), Winner of the 11th “Young Pianists’ Interpretations of Chopin” Polish Piano Festival in Konin-Żychlin (2014), 3rd place at the Polish Frederic Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (2015). 

In 2015, Łukasz Mikołajczyk participated in the 17th International Frederic Chopin Competition in Warsaw. He competed with the best young pianists in the world, and reached the 2nd stage of the auditions. Reaching this level qualifies him as one of the world’s leading pianists.

His discography includes albums released by the Piotr Kler Foundation. In 2013, two recording sessions took place: a studio and a live session, comprising the chamber version of Frederic Chopin’s Piano Concerto in F minor, op. 21. He plays with the wonderful Altra Volta quartet and double bassist Krzysztof Korzeń. The albums were released as an elegant way of celebrating the 40th anniversary of KLER. Two years later, Łukasz’s solo album was released, containing Frederic Chopin’s works for the piano. The album was acclaimed by critics. According to Ewa Kofin, the recordings are a testimony to Łukasz Mikołajczyk’s high skill, which is further backed up by his innate understanding of the nature of Chopin’s works.

His numerous achievements have garnered him the scholarships of the President of Katowice, the Marshal of Silesian Province and the President of the Council of Ministers. In 2015 and 2016, he received the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for his achievements. In 2014, Łukasz Mikołajczyk was the first person to receive the Krystian Zimmerman scholarship for exceptional young pianists.

Nagranie zrealizowane:

  • w Studio Koncertowym S1 im. Witolda Lutosławskiego w Warszawie w dniach 24-27.08.2015. Realizacja nagrania: Ewa Guziołek-Tubelewicz

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