A modular lounge suite. Its relaxing qualities are simply exemplary. It is because a lot of attention was paid to a really satisfying rest, thanks to which this model was adequately construed and equipped. You can start with selecting the configuration of modules (regular/corner) and then go on to adjust the position of backrests (which can be moved closer or further, be more upright or reclined) and footrests (which can be hidden or extended). How comfortable!

Lounge suite which includes 3-seater sofas • Modules can be put together into regular or corner sofas • Module with an extended seat section (chaise longue) enables you to comfortably stretch out your legs • Corner section with terminal • Electrically controlled backrest with an extendable footrest • Backrest with an adjustable inclination angle and a headrest with an adjustable inclination angle • Legs: metal, graphite chrome or runners, powder coated • Optionally: a battery-powered headrest mechanism • Optionally: remotely controlled relaxation functions (Bluetooth).

Timeless quality and modern trends live in symbiosis. The form – and emotion, are both its draw and attraction. Precision craftsmanship – and the profound feeling of satisfaction. Combining the ephemeral with the everlasting is an art in and of itself.

P. Kler
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Timeless quality and modern fashion interweave.