A sofa unit that can be created as an individual combination of modules. Its dominating features are relaxation and comfort - to relax you and help you chill out. The extensive accessories ensure that the furniture becomes a relaxation centre: headrests and footrests that are invisible before unfolding and which emerge smoothly from the sofa body, storage boxes and open swivel tops... The comfort and convenience are truly exemplary.

Sofa units comprising modular elements that allow you to create 2-, 3- and 4-seater sofas, including a footrest • Modules that can be arranged lengthwise or in the form of a corner • Module with an extended seat (chaise longue), allowing you to comfortably stretch your legs - with an additional option to extend the seat with the help of an electric motor • Corner module with control panel • Relaxation function to facilitate independent lifting of the headrest and extending the footrest - electrically controlled and powered by two independent motors (optionally battery-powered) • USB port in the control panel • HOME option for automatic folding of the footrest and headrest to the starting position • Mini-bar / storage box with an adjustable swivel top (American walnut), and additional equipment: two coolers with an inductive charger, lamp, panel with a power socket, USB ports, and an inductive charger • Metal legs (two versions to select from) • Option: Bluetooth remote control of the relaxation functions.

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Goals need to be pursued with all you have.