A lounge suite comprising individual modules. The line is noted for its subtle comfort – an accompanying sense of peace even in layouts that go beyond the compactness of a traditional sofa. The possibilities for expansion go hand in hand with the functional panache: a rich choice of accessories to transform any suite into the ideal relaxation centre, or a regular or corner sofa into a comfortable bed. What matters most is grace and comfort.


Modules to create 2- and 3-seater sofas, an armchair and a footrest • Modules for combination into regular or corner sofas • 3-seater sofa with an extendible bed featuring a mattress suitable for everyday sleeping • Module with an extended seat section (chaise longue) and an adjustable armrest which also serves as a backrest • Corner module with a terminal section • An extensive colour palette of natural leather and various types of fabric • Relaxation function: an extendible footrest and a reclining backrest, electrically powered and adjustable (optionally: by battery) • Headrest with manually adjustable inclination angle • A cabinet/compartment in the terminal section or chaise longue • Liquor cabinet/compartment with an adjustable, rotatable and upholstered counter; other accessories: two coolers with an induction charger, a lamp, a panel with a power socket and USB ports • Metal legs.

Timeless quality and modern fashion interweave. Combining the ephemeral with the everlasting is an art in and of itself.

P. Kler
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Timeless quality and modern fashion interweave.