The conservative design, typical for this range of furniture, appears in combination with the use of first-class materials, and of course the best craftsmanship. What really counts, though, is comfort. This only takes a moment to understand.

A casual suite comprising: an armchair, 2- and 3-seater sofas and a footrest • Regular or corner sections • Extended seat section (chaise longue) so you can put your feet up • Corner seat section (terminal) • Additional accessories: expandable bed, storage in the terminal unit • Relaxation function – independently and manually adjustable headrest • Extendable footrest and adjustable backrest – manually (by default) or with an electric motor (battery-powered as an option) • Adjustable headrest • Metal legs.

I sign every piece with my own name. This entails responsibility, but I am not alone here. For years, you have been able to co-create furniture with us by selecting its colours, types of upholstery and shapes to match your interiors.

P. Kler
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I sign every piece with my own name.