A collection of sofas which demonstrate prestige, distinction and elegance. The unmistakable classic form of the furniture collection stems from the universally acknowledged masterpieces. The seat cushions are thick enough, the armrests have the right profile, and each furniture piece stands in good balance on the feet. The furniture provides a sense of order and composure. They simply enthuse trust.

Lounge set comprising: an armchair; 2 and 3-seater sofas and a footrest • Regular or corner sectionals • Extended seat section (chaise longue) for stretching your legs • Corner section with a terminal • Additional accessories: folding bed; storage chest in the chaise longue or the terminal
• Relaxation function – power backrest inclination and footrest extension • Optional battery power
• Metal feet finished with graphite chrome plating.

I know how to make good furniture. Nearly 50 years of experience has its worth. Trends fade, but taste and elegance last forever. They are eternal.

P. Kler
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I know how to make good furniture.