Furniture designed for relaxation, in its class – it is practically perfect. A high-quality specialist: extended seating that allows you to straighten your legs comfortably. The adjustable backrest can be raised or even lowered to a semi-reclining position. A minute of peace, a moment’s respite. A pause.


A chaise longue where you can straighten your legs comfortably • Available in a wide range of natural-coloured leathers and various types of fabric • Versions with one, two or no armrests • Adjustable backrest with electrically-powered control (battery) • Upper backrest with three-step angle adjustment (manual) • Optional: LED lamp with USB socket • Optional: backrest adjustment with Bluetooth remote control • Metal legs.

Goals need to be pursued with all you have. You must never rest on your laurels. Professionalism means reinventing yourself, over an over.

P. Kler
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Goals need to be pursued with all you have.