A comfortable lounge suite with high functional flexibility. Made for interiors designed with practicality in mind. A modern modular structure makes it possible to put together regular and corner sofa configurations for many people. Its relaxing qualities are of the top class: it has adjustable backrests, bendable armrests and extendable footrests.


Lounge suite which includes: 2- or 3-seater sofas, an armchair and a stool • Modules can be put together into regular or corner sofas • Module with an extended seat section (chaise longue) enables you to comfortably stretch out your legs • Corner section with terminal • Manually extendable footrest • Headrest with an adjustable inclination angle • Headrest can be hidden in the back section of the backrest • Legs: metal runners, powder coated or wooden (oak) • Two versions of armrests/sides, optionally with an adjustable inclination angle (within a 45-degree range).

Nearly half a century of adhering to the principles of the craft. Of uncompromising adherence to the rules and remaining engaged in my work. Whatever you do, do it well. And I make good furniture.

P. Kler
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Nearly half a century of adhering to the principles of the craft.