A curvy, softly lined cradle on a rotary base. Its bucket-like shape (with high armrests) makes this armchair very comfortable and cosy. What's more, its whole top part turns out to be a headrest, whose inclination angle can be smoothly adjusted. Comfort, comfort and comfort once again.

Dekoracyjne przeszycie podłokietnika fotela Kler Cornetta w złotym kolorze
Kobieta siedząca w wygodnym, nowoczesnym fotelu Kler Cornetta w złotym obiciu, umieszczonym w eleganckim salonie

Lounge chair • Electrically adjustable headrest with an adjustable inclination angle • Optionally: a battery-powered headrest mechanism • Rotary base, metal and powder coated.

Mężczyzna w marynarce siedzący w wygodnym fotelu Cornetta marki Kler, w złotym kolorze.
  • Nowoczesny fotel Kler Cornetta w złotym obiciu - połączeniu skóry i tkaniny

It is only through progressive development that one can ensure success. I have been making furniture for many years, and I have learned that seeking perfection at all times is a must.

P. Kler
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It is only through progressive development that one can ensure success.