A sublime combination of slight arches and straight lines. Elegance is rooted firmly in classic patterns, creating a fresh sense of order. Feel the uniquely functional quality, thanks to the highest-quality materials.

Zbliżenie na ozdobne przeszycie czarnego fotela Alto z kolekcji marki Kler.
Stojące w salonie, dwa fotele Kler Alto w czarnej skórze i wzorzystej tkaninie oraz komoda.

A robustly casual armchair. The relatively deep and chunky seat is pleasantly (but not excessively) supple yet sufficiently compliant, enough to guarantee a comfortable experience. Its high armrests naturally merge with the backrest, which extends all the way up to head level, where horizontal stitching marks the headrest. The elegance of the details always grabs attention: with decorative stitching running up the sides of the armrests, contrasting with the polish of the metal legs with their graphite chrome finish.

Kobieta siedząca na fotelu Alto z kolekcji mebli Kler, w kolorze czarnym.
  • Fotele Kler Alto stojące naprzeciw siebie w salonie, wykonane w czarnej skórze i tkaninie.

Timeless quality and modern trends live in symbiosis. The form – and emotion, are both its draw and attraction. Precision craftsmanship – and the profound feeling of satisfaction. Combining the ephemeral with the everlasting is an art in and of itself.

P. Kler
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Timeless quality and modern fashion interweave.